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5 Thoughtful and Straight Forward Proposal Ideas

13 February 2017


With Valentines Day almost upon us it is inevitable that there will be proposals in the air; a recent survey by Chillisauce showed that 32% of women think February 14th to be the best day to propose (although only  12% of men agreed).

The survey also asked people what they believe makes a good proposal, to which 51% of people said they would prefer their partner to just say “will you marry me?”  It seems the general attitude of most people is that a thoughtful gesture is much more romantic than a flashy dramatic proposal and not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to spend a lot of money on creating an extravagant show, so with that in mind we thought we would share our favourite thoughtful but straight-forward ways to pop the question:

Use a memorable location

Whether it’s the place you first met, where you had your first date or the place you had your very first kiss, there is no place more thoughtful to propose than somewhere that the two of you share fond memories together.
Keep in mind that it may be cold though, if you are planning on proposing in the winter months.

Choose a “special song” 

If you have a song that reminds you of each other or you can remember the song that was playing when you first met, set a romantic scene with this song as background music for a personal touch.

Get restaurant staff to help

Make a reservation at your partner’s favourite restaurant and speak to the staff beforehand to plan something special – it could be just little touches like having a waiter bring the ring out and then pouring glasses of champagne after you propose or you could have the restaurant prepare something for you like printing a custom message written in a menu, if you want to go all out you could even have a musician dress up as a waiter and play your “special song”.

Cook for your partner

If your partner isn’t the type of person who would enjoy being proposed to in public you can create your own restaurant environment at home, put your cooking skills to the test and make a 3 course meal with all of your partners favourite’s – you could create a playlist of your partners favourite songs and use candles and flowers for added romance.

Use a child or pet

 If you want to go for the “cute factor” you could have the ring brought out by your child or pet if you and your partner have either of those, if it’s a child you could have them hold a sign with the question on it or have them bring the ring out themselves. If it’s a pet you could have the message attached to the collar.
Was your proposal one to remember? Or are you planning to propose on this Valentines Day? Please share your stories with us on our Facebook page as we would love to hear from you.