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8 Ways to Keep Children Occupied on Long car Journeys

25 April 2017

With the summer almost upon us we will no doubt be taking our children on a longer than usual car journey at some point during the coming months. Be it a day trip to the seaside or a holiday abroad, keeping them occupied can sometimes feel like a full time job!  We have compiled a list of things to keep children of any age from asking “are we there yet” the second you close the front door.

Remember to take drinks and snacks with you in the car as children can become grizzly when hungry and thirsty. Dress the children comfortably so that they feel more relaxed and are warm enough without being too warm. Also remember to factor in toilet breaks which will also provide a welcome distraction and a chance to stretch your legs.  A little bit of time looking at the facilities each service station offers and deciding which one to stop at is time well spent! The children will travel so much better after a good run around in a safe place and may even have a snooze.

  1. Activity Books

Visit your local market or pound store and pick up Sticker books, puzzle/word search books. Give the children pencils rather than crayons as they are cleaner!

  1. iPod/music player with headphones

Take along your child’s favourite music or even an audio book.

  1. DVD player with headphones

Pick your child’s favourite film or treat them to a new one for the journey.

  1. Group Word Games
  • Name places game: one person names a place and the next person names a place that begins with the last letter of the place that was just named. Keep going until someone is stumped.
  • “I’m going to grandma’s house and I’m bringing …” or “I went to the shops and I bought…” memory game. First person names an item that begins with the letter A, the next person repeats what the first person said and adds something that begins with the letter B, etc. Keep going until someone can’t remember all the items.
  1. “Pocket Money Toys”

Bring a few brand new small toys or travel games that can be given out as a surprise if the kids get really bored. Don’t give out all of these at once. Remember to save something new for the trip home.

  1. Visual Games
  • Spot the Eddie Stobart Lorry or another large vehicle such as a Tesco lorry or perhaps even a make of car or colour of car and the first one to spot a certain amount within a set time wins a small prize such as a sweetie.
  • Good old I-spy!
  • The number plate game… Take a random vehicle registration plate, for example, LS06 PMB, and make a word or a sentence from the letters – Large Seagulls Pinch Mouldy B A great thinking game which will guarantee some giggles!!


  1. Group Discussion

Talk about where you are going or who you are going to see and plan what you are going to do whilst there and on the way home you can talk about all your favourite things from the holiday/trip.

  1. Portable video games

Allow them to bring their favourite handheld device to play with when all else fails!

There are lots of things you can do to make travelling with children much more fun and ensure you all arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to enjoy your trip. Do you have any tips and tricks or fun games that you play with your children? We’d love to hear from you, pop a comment here on our blog or on our Facebook!