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Top 5 Lesser-Known Wonders of the World

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The popular sightseeing spots, like Stonehenge or the pyramids, deserve all of the attention they get; they truly are magnificent and are without a doubt some of the greatest sights to see. However there are also some great sights and attractions around the world that are not as well known that you should definitely visit if you ever have the opportunity.

Great Sand Dunes (Colorado, USA)


Great Sand Dunes National Park & Reserve (photo by U.S National Park Service)

The Great Sand Dunes of Colorado are the tallest sand dunes in North America, and the landscape they are a part of is a beautiful sight in itself with the vast grasslands, forests lakes, and the towering mountain ranges behind. To get to the sand dunes you must cross the Medano Creek, which in some months becomes like a beach that even has waves due to a natural phenomenon known as “surge flow” where the snow from the mountains melts and results in a surge of water in the creek.

We found a great selection of pictures from blogger Chad McKenna if you want to see more: http://chadmckenna.me/2017/11/22/great-sand-dunes-national-park/

Sanctuary of Truth (Pattaya, Thailand)


The Sanctuary of Truth (photo by Klook)

While this “sanctuary” isn’t of any real historical/religious significance like a lot of other man-made sightseeing/tourism spots, it is nevertheless an astonishing display of craftsmanship and perfectly captures Thailand’s heritage with sculptures based on traditional Buddhist and Hindi themes. According to the official website the building was constructed “according to ancient Thai ingenuity” and  “the purposes of decoration with wooden carve sculptures are to use art and culture as the reflection of Ancient Vision of Earth, Ancient Knowledge, and Eastern Philosophy. With in this complex, visitors will understand Ancient Life, Human Responsibility, Basic Thought, Cycle of living, Life Relationship with Universe and Common Goal of Life toward Utopia.”

 Saint-Chappelle (Paris, France)


The interior of Saint-Chappelle

The royal chapel of Saint-Chapelle, based right in the heart of Paris, was originally built to house King Louis XI’s collection of Christian relics and took 7 years to make. It is sometimes overlooked because of the Notre-Dame Cathedral but Saint-Chapelle is also very impressive and has a rich history with its ties to Christianity and French royalty.

Newgrange (County Meath, Ireland)


Built in 3200BC, this Neolithic monument is actually older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids. Once a year, at sun rise on the Winter Solstice, the inner chamber is illuminated through a “roof-box” – a gap above the door for sunlight to get in- and the carvings inside are revealed – one notable carving is the triple spiral in the front wall of the chamber.

The Wave (Arizona, USA)


photo by Greg Bulla

It may look like something from another planet, but the sandstone rock formation nicknamed “The Wave” is actually in Arizona, USA, Earth.  To visit The Wave you must acquire a day permit from the Bureau of Land Management and only 20 of these permits are limited a day, ten of which must be won through an online lottery which takes place four months prior to the date the permit is for  and the remaining ten are released as walk-in permits one day before at the  Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Visitor Center in Kanab, Utah.

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